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Friday, August 27, 2004

It's been a while since I posted. Well, not really. It's only been a couple minutes, but I accidentally hit the back button and totally lost my post. Believe me, I went backwards and forwards and.. GONE!

I've been a busy busy bee. The end of summer is always really busy for some reason. We're having new doors installed in the next couple of weeks, so home improvement stuff is starting to ramp up. Fall is usually a good time for it.

I need to take pics of new items that I've finished, like the baby blanket and dishcloths and some of my works in progress. I am working on another baby blanket, some more dishcloths as gifts and my Sophie. Yes, I'm trying this again.

Last week, Corine let me borrow her size 3 needles so I could make a baby hat to go with my sister in law's baby blanket. Well, I finished the hat. I think this hat would fit a squirrel, not any newborn baby I've ever seen! I might try the hat again, but with bigger needles since the 3's were too small.

My candle party is this weekend - who's coming? =)


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